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A Winter Wonderland

Holmes Spec - Snow This Available Home by Holmes Builders is covered with ice and snow.

Winter arrived in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex a few weeks early.  Though the first day of winter technically isn’t until Saturday, December 21st, a nasty winter storm blew in this past Thursday.  What a storm it was!  The icy weather and freezing temperatures turned RED HAWK into a winter wonderland for several days.  Just in time for Christmas!

Christmas lights and decorations were installed in RED HAWK a couple weeks ago, making our ice storm nights beautiful and oh so Christmasy.  All that was missing was a sleigh ride and hot chocolate.

With winter arriving to the area, here are a few tips to keep your house safe and warm during our crazy winter moments:

    1. If you have a pool, make sure you keep it running throughout nights when the temperatures drop below freezing.  This will prevent any exposed pipes from freezing as well as the pump itself.
    2. Detach all water hoses from the exterior of your house.  Again, this protects  your plumbing from freezing.
    3. Watering landscaping before a freezing night can prevent your plants from freezing…as long as temperatures are only supposed to be freezing at night.
    4. Change the rotation on your ceiling fans to clockwise.  This will push the warm air on your ceiling and/or second floor down to the first floor, which will give your heater a little break.
    5. If you decide to travel during wintertime and a winter storm is expected, open the cabinet doors under your sinks.  This will help keep your plumbing pipes warm during extreme or prolonged freezing temperatures.  In addition, never turn your heater off when traveling during the winter.  Just lower the temperature setting to the 50s to prevent it from running regularly.
    6. If you have a fire sprinkler system installed in your home, keep a careful eye on it during extreme freezing temperatures

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      .  Make sure your heater is left on when traveling and open closet and pantry doors to make sure the plumbing running above your ceiling stays warm.  Fire sprinkler systems have a bad reputation for freezing and breaking pipes during especially cold spells.


Bundle up and stay warm during this winter weather.  It truly is the most wonderful time of the year (maybe not for building but definitely for making memories with family)!

Holmes Model - Snow Holmes Builders’ model home weathers a winter storm.

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