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  • Stunning Custom Interiors

  • Located Close to Lake Grapevine

  • Impressive Outdoor Areas

  • Stylized In-Town Patio Residences

  • A Diverse Selection of Homes

  • This is Your Moment to Live!

  • Extraordinary Finishes and Style

  • Authentic, One-of-a-Kind Character.

  • Destined To Be One of The Most Preferred Neighborhoods.

  • Convenient To Both Dallas and Fort Worth.

Just as the Red Hawk soars over the native lands of North Texas, so does this brilliant concept in living. The Red Hawk neighborhood is an exceptional sanctuary with native oaks, winding creek and a refreshing breath of inspiration. Each home is a departure from the ordinary with stunning detail and rare, custom design. Holmes Builders, celebrated for is progressive innovation and personal attention, crafts a distinctive collection of homes. The thought is in-town garden residences set apart by regal scenic vistas, designed to be close to the convenience of a thriving city. These handsome Villas and Manors are destined to be one of the most preferred neighborhoods within the Dallas/Fort Worth area. New homes range from the $775s to $1 million+.


Throughout the skies of North Texas, the Red Hawk flies. Soaring above open fields with large circling maneuvers, the sleek bird cuts the air with its broad, rounded wings. Extraordinary hunters, their keen eyes are fixed on any slight movement. For centuries these regal birds of prey have captured the imagination of Native Americans, writers and artisans. Rich red brown married with streaks of white and dark brown form its striking appearance. It glides above land with a classic white undercarriage and a one-of-kind cinnamon red tail. A distinctive and thrilling raspy scream is heard while the Red Hawk is in flight. Unlike other animals, this aerodynamic bird is an unusually loyal creature. Mated pairs remain together for a lifetime.


The inspiration for this remarkable neighborhood is the Red Hawk. A stunning bird of myth and legend defines elegant homes of style and grace. Holmes Builders establishes this community with dramatic residences unique to the area.

Red Hawk Coppell Copyright 2014 - Red Hawk Coppell